Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can download the PDF catalogues by clicking "Download" on the website menu. If you prefer to use paper catalogues, please contact one of our authorised retailers.

Bellissimo Ceramica does not sell directly to the public nor has a factory outlet. Go to any one of the numerous retail stores that sell our collections. To find the names of the nearest stores visit the "retailer" section.

To get the price of any Bellissimo product, please contact an authorized reseller.

Ceramic tiles are flat sheets made from a mixture of clay, sand and other natural materials formed into the desired shape and size and then fired at a high temperature. They come in various sizes and with thicknesses of between 3mm and 20mm. Thanks to advanced production technologies, they are available in an almost unlimited variety of sizes, colors surfaces and decorative effects.

Italian tiles essentially perform three different functions:

  1. Aesthetic, they are part of the interior design project along with the other finishing material
  2. Technical, they are able to withstand the stresses produced by the people who use the spaces without suffering damage or deterioration
  3. Functional, they are hygienic and capable of effectively withstanding foot traffic, frost fire and the elements.

New photovoltaic functions, although these are currently limited to a niche market.